Golden, Colorado

We Race Here

MTB Colorado

Our Goals

We are envisioning a new way to organize competitive Mountain Bike racing in Colorado.
Our goals and vision are:

  • Provide a state wide ranking of all racers and award State titles to the best.
  • Promote competitors to race in the wide variety of events within Colorado.
  • Increase turnout at all event for the benefit of promoters and racers.
  • Transparent and open organization and funding.
  • No fees for races or promotors for basic features.
  • We hope to be funded by advertising revenue, and donations.
Our Plan
  1. Allow Promotors to create accounts and submit events.
  2. Define a ranking system, something like USA cycling does for cyclocross.
  3. Collect results
  4. and much more.
Racer rules and benefits:
  • ​Points will be calculated based on competitiveness of the event. Similar to how Cyclocross does it.
  • If you participate in a Colorado race you will earn points.
  • You must create a free profile here (coming soon) to earn awards, giveaways, discounts….
Promotor rules and benefits:
  • Your Colorado MTB race will automatically be included in the series. Its free!
  • Your event(s) will be freely included in event announcements and reminders.
  • Please create a Promotor profile here (coming soon) to take advantage of additional promotion, tools, event registration, ease the posting of results….
  • Paid stuff: Additional event promotion, event registration, advertising.
  • Get on the Promoter list now!
​Sponsors and Advertisers (not race promotors):
  • We are very focused on helping your promoting your brand!
  • Our goal is to have 100% of sponsorship and advertising revenue go to race participants.
  • Step up to the plate now,  display your brand now!
  • Get on the Sponsor list now!